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3-Ply Polyester Carcass with High Turn-Up Ply - Open Country M/T-style construction provides extreme puncture resistance and sharp steering response. Speed Rating: M = 81 mph, N = 87 mph, P = 93 mph, Q = 99 mph, R = 106 mph, S = 112 mph, T = 118 mph, H = 130 mph, V = 149 mph, W = 168 mph, Y = 186 mph, (Y) = 195 mph. No matter the road, count on Toyo Tires to bring quality and performance to your sports car, luxury saloon, SUV, or pick-up truck. Built-in stone and mud ejectors help the tire self-clean, so it will not get clogged with mud, stones, or loose earth. The selected vehicle information must be accurate and complete. Way better value then BFGoodrich, Car: 2011 Mitsubishi Challenger XLS 5 Seat. It also has a 45,000 mile tread life warranty for all sizes. In this case, you will be notified and will be provided with alternative options.
Mud, rock, dirt roads, gravel, little bit of sand, heaps of highway miles and the typical trips around town.

35 x 12.5 x 17 on a 2020 Gladiator. Average rating 4.6 of 10990 reviews.

YouTube Video: Toyo Open Country tires are designed for durability and long tread life and are the surefire way to improve performance, from the ground up TOYO OPEN COUNTRY® Whether you’re driving down the street or taking it off-road, Toyo Open Country… LT tires with: “C” load range have a 6-ply rating, “D” have a 8-ply rating, “E” have a 10-ply rating,"F" have a 12-ply rating. Versatile Tread Pattern: The aggressive tread pattern of the Open Country R… It matters a great deal to maintain your tyres, here are a few steps to get you started. If you still feel confident about your original purchase and want to proceed with the order as is, we will ship it to you with a disclaimer to that effect and such order is not covered by our Fitment Guarantee Policy.

More results may be available, please refine your search. Over 50,000km and I still have over 80% tread. Therefore, on rare occasions when a customer claims the product does not fit we reserve the right to refuse such a claim based on our previous experience with the same vehicle and/ or manufacturers fitment data available to the public. The Open Country Rugged Terrain (Open Country R/T) 4x4 tyre from Toyo Tires is a next-generation 4WD tyre that combines the extreme puncture-resistance and strength of an M/T with the long-wearing compound and sealed road performance of an A/T to service the emerging ‘hybrid’ tyre category.

Showing {{searchResults.length}} results. Due to the possibility of typographical errors, modified vehicles, wear of vehicle, age of vehicle, or other factors, our proprietary selectors may not always be 100% accurate. Anonymous Performance is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in increments of 0.5, with 5 being the best. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news and promotions. If the claim for a fitment guarantee is denied our Return/refund policy will apply. s. No lack of traction off road tread wear is very good only scuffing due to vehicles susp' and alignment. This makes for a long-lasting tire without sacrificing grip or flexibility. The Open Country R/T combines the best of both worlds with a style and quality only Toyo brings to the table. No uneven wear. Throughout this website and catalog the terms Jeep®, Wrangler, MOPAR®, & Rubicon are used for identification purposes only. All-Terrain tyres are the perfect all-round, go-anywhere tyre. Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all-new Open Country R/T. Lots of grip in deep snow and mud, less in compact snow or wet pavement. I recommend these tyres to everyone when it comes to tyre talk. Aggressive Aesthetics with Reduced Noise - Staggered shoulder blocks and a varied tread pattern minimise road noise while creating an aggressive profile.

Automotive Lighting and Lighting Accessories. We recommend that tires be installed by a certified installation center.

Capable of both long, comfortable hauls on the bitumen and still performing beautifully off road. So what makes them so popular? (I never had a wheel alignment but will soon when i rotate them just to be 100% safe). Tell us what you drive and compare tires that fit. :-), I thought I would get more Klms out of the rotate them every service but have not lasted, "After enduring the torture I put these tyres through, I was blown away by their grip and ability to run at low pressures". Toyo Tires to be new UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup main sponsor, Toyo Tires sponsor of the European Cyclocross Championships, Toyo Tires gives support to the 44th AG Memorial Van Damme, Dead Sea launch for Lexus RC F Carbon Kevlar drift car, Toyo Tires Partners with AIG Women’s Open, Toyo Tires becomes member in three relevant ESG indexes, Novel Racing starts into the Nordschleife season, New Corporate Visual for Toyo Tires Brand, Nürburgring 24-hour Endurance Race with NOVEL racing, Celebrating trophy and Toyo's Quick Start at Cyclocross.

Custom Floor mats, cargo liners, in cloth and rubber. A sucker for punishment in the roughest terrain, this heavy-duty do-it-all 4x4 tyre can withstand a beating with the reliability that extreme tourers need to confidently explore Australia’s most remote regions knowing they’ll be able to find their way back in one piece. Couldn't find any bad things said about them online and I already knew how good the case of a Toyo OPMT was.

Used same tyres on 2 different vehicles as 2nd sets (other tyres hankook AT-M, federal courgia at). If the order is returned and we determine that the product was damaged, this voids the Fitment Guarantee policy. Please be aware that if you are installing aftermarket wheels, and/or changing tire size you are customizing your vehicle; therefore, the products you order from 1010TIRES.COM may not fit exactly the same as the factory settings. Will definitely continue running them and spreading positivity about them! Sizing Notes: XL = Extra Load, XT = Xtreme. Our vehicle database is sourced and verified by third party and to the best of our knowledge is accurate and up to date. If I could get this case in something a little less aggressive, I'd be happy. All orders are verified for fitment guarantee. As one of Australia’s leading multibranded fuel cards, the Tyrepower Fleet Card gives you the power of so much more. ©1995-2020, Quadratec, Inc. All rights reserved. Rims that require hub centric rings or different wheel nuts/bolts are still considered a correct fitment. 2 Jointless, Spiral-Wound Cap Plies - Excellent uniformity with exceptional strength. I had no choice and had to have a hybrid tyre. Photo 2/3 | Toyo Open Country Rt Tread We mounted up a set of Toyo’s new rubber to our ’09 Dodge Ram 2500 test mule and hit the road. Your selection has been changed based on availability. Tyrepower stores are open and working to ensure our customer and staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you want to add to the warranty on your new Toyo RT tires, Discount Tire's exclusive Certificates will cover them on down to 3/32 of wear. When did you last check your tyre pressure?

You must provide your vehicle information. To the best of our knowledge, the 1010TIRES.COM vehicle, wheel, tire and tire and wheel package selectors are accurate. Sure enough, I was stoked. No punctures. Please note, the description of the vehicle may differ from your markings on the car. Experience the next generation of 4WD tyres with the Open Country R/T, a rugged-terrain ‘hybrid’ tyre that combines the go-anywhere versatility of an all-terrain with the extreme durability and traction of a mud-terrain for the best of both worlds. What is tyre safety? On road equally impressive considering its open tread design have pushed the 4x4 reasonably quick around short S bends at constant speeds (60-75km) , dry performance fantastic - its dry so theres grip - wet traction is good no dissapointment equally as good as hankook AT-M. etween the Cooper STMaxx, Dick Cepek Fun Country, Yokohama GO16 and Toyo OPRT, I decided to pull the trigger on the R/T's. *Please note, you are responsible for a safe keeping and handling of the order that is under our Fitment Guarantee policy. The refund will then be issued as per our return/refund policy. - Instant Fresh Credits: Get a real-time credit decision. This tire is equally at home on- and off-road. I recommend these tyres to everyone when it comes to tyre talk. Quadratec, Inc, has no affiliation with FCA. Would buy again. Choose your Toyo tires. Since we don’t have your vehicle present to physically qualify it for fitment we rely on our collective experience and expertise, and consult numerous fitment sources to make approve fitment. If you need to return the order we will issue an in-store credit only and it’s subject to our Return/refund policy. SIGN UP TO GET SPECIAL OFFERS AND THE LATEST PRODUCT NEWS.

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Let’s break it down. Super quiet also. Mud, rock, dirt roads, gravel, little bit of sand, heaps of highway miles and the typical trips around town. :-). Privacy Policy, © 2020, All Rights reserved Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Limited.
The Open Country R/T gives tough tourers the all-round performance required to reach the most remote locations with confidence, combining the best attributes of the Open Country A/T II and the Open Country M/T. TOYO OPEN COUNTRY® Whether you’re driving down the street or taking it off-road, Toyo Open Country® tires gives your light truck or SUV the power to plow through mud, rock, snow, and any terrain that comes your way. These tires are 100% American-made at the state-of-the-art Toyo Tires factory in Georgia. It is the customers’ responsibility to provide accurate and complete vehicle information. Due to mechanical wear and tear of a vehicle, tires and/or wheels may not fit as intended. If you cannot decide between an all-terrain or a purpose-built off-road tire for your Jeep, then look no further than the Toyo Tires Open Country R/T. Are you experiencing signs of a faulty battery? These tires have taken me from BC to Utah and Colorado and spend lots of time offroad. These are really sweet tires. Please see for further information. Correct tire and wheel information can usually be found on the inside of the driver’s side door on a sticker. ProFleet, your fleet of vehicles gets priority booking at over 270 Tyrepower locations across © 2020 1010TIRES.COM®, Inc. All rights reserved. I've just clicked over 10,000km on these bad boys and they've seen it all. Need vehicle servicing, repairs, accommodation and more for your business vehicles? A 1010TIRES.COM expert will use that information provided for verification. The manufacturer representative has qualified the product as an approved fit for your described vehicle but the customer or the installer claims that the product doesn’t fit. Its ability to tackle dirt, sand and rocks is inspired by the legendary Open Country M/T, while its quieter ride is a nod to our best-selling Open Country A/T II. Read Reviews After careful consideration b... Read more > etween the Cooper STMaxx, Dick Cepek Fun Country, Yokohama GO16 and Toyo OPRT, I decided to pull the trigger on the R/T's. Wow, these things look mean and are smoother on the highway than the stock tires.

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