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In the Helhiem forest, Rosyuo was amazed by her work of reviving the queen, but Redyue was furious about him giving the Forbidden Fruit to Kouta. Enjoy. In this world, there is no Inves Invasion and in place of dance teams, there are soccer teams instead. Meanwhile, Kaito, Zack, and Yoko find the prisoners and after Kaito destroys the machine to release them, he runs ahead to help Kouta, leaving the others to help Akira and the other captives to escape. Later that night, seeing the Suika Lockseed regained its function, Mitsuzane is confronted by Takatora who believes the item was stolen by a Beat Rider as he defends them while concealing his association with them. Kouta and Kaito arrive where Peko was as he inform them about Mitsuzane kidnapping Mai, causing Kouta stormed off to find Mitsuzane. As the three Armored Riders watch in shock, Hase transforms into the Bixie Inves before their eyes. In Helheim Forest, Mitsuzane is horrified when he is shown by Takatora what he claims to be the forest's darkest secret, and he agrees to work with his brother to conceal it from the public. At Drupers, believing Zangetsu might try to silence anyone who knows about the Yggdrasill Corporation's secrets, Mitsuzane convinces Kouta not to tell anyone of what they have learned until they know more of the company's intentions. Kouta refuses, and Sonomura reveals that Sid had made him an offer to take back Kouta's Sengoku Driver, and uses a jailbroken Mango Lockseed to summon a Lion Inves to attack him. Furious at being overpowered by Baron, Dēmushu only leaves when he is telepathically contacted by Redyue who tells him that their leader would not be pleased of the turn of events. Although Kouta offers a helping hand, Kaito refuses his help and walks off. While doing a part time job at a holiday sale, Kouta finds a pair of Inves attacking a woman and rescues her from the monsters before destroying them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Elsewhere, Kaito has a vision of Mai and tells her that he will claim the Golden Fruit from her to create a new world. He is at a disadvantage until Ryugen arrives on his own personal Rose Attacker. On the day of the game, after seeing his brother, Mitsuzane meets up with the Riders and is forced to let Oren join before they are ambushed by an army of Inves. Having transformed into the white Armored Rider, Armored Rider Zangetsu, Takatora is given the task to drive out the Armored Riders. While discussing about Ryoma's proposal, Kouta and Kaito are approached by Mai and Kaito agrees with their resolve to not give up on Mitsuzane yet. Against Mai's pleas, Kouta agrees and Sagara reveals the Lockseed he previously obtained from Roshuo while freezing time.

Kaito walks to Lapis, who sends him back to his world. Though DJ Sagara brings up the fact that the Beat Riders will not give up the Sengoku Drivers easily, Ryoma assures him that Takatora will handle that situation. While Ryoma begins operating Mai, both Ryugen Yomi and Gaim initiate their finishing attacks, but as they are about to attack each other, Gaim throws his Musou Saber aside and reaches the Yomotsuheguri Lockseed to remove it from Ryugen Yomi at the cost of his own life.

Kaito reveals that he is in the forest looking for new Lockseeds, and Mai decides to tell him about the portal she found, but they soon find it is gone. This gives Baron the idea to use the Mango Lockseed he acquired previously, transforming him into Mango Arms, now armed with the Mango Punisher morning star, which also seems effective. The Return of the Professor (プロフェッサーの帰還, Purofessā no Kikan) is the thirty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2. Mitsuzane confronts his brother, who commends him for choosing to follow his own path and decides to reveal all the truth to him. With the Inves attacks increasing, Kouta and Mitsuzane decide that getting answers from the men in the hazard suits would solve the mystery of the forest, but only once they deal with the white Armored Rider who is protecting them.
In Drupers, Zack meets up with Peko and the others as he receives a small device from Oren. Meanwhile, Mai meets with the other Beat Riders in an attempt to end the Inves Games due to the damage they cause, but the other groups are not interested and part ways. for the drama, and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners Sono Goen, Otodokeshimasu: Mercari de Atta Honto no Hanashi, 30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii. Watch Kamen Rider Gaim BD Box Ep 8 Eng sub Online, Download Kamen Rider Gaim BD Box Ep 8, Watch Kamen Rider Gaim BD Box Ep 8 kissasian, dramanice, myasiantv, dramacool, dramafire, hdfree, viki, newasiantv, fastdrama, viewasian Later at Drupers, Kouta tells his worries to Bando, who claims that he must be careful when someone asks him to keep a secret, because secrets can be a source of power for those who know it, and thus can be used for evil. While explaining to Kouta that he finds conflict entertaining and has joined the Armored Riders as they are not fighting properly, he easily defeats both Kurokage and Gridan singlehandedly, setting his sights on the remaining Armored Riders. On their way to the Crack, the duo meets Kaito who refuses to assist them, despite knowing the situation, and finds that Ryoma and New Generation Rider Marika are already defending the Crack with a squad of Kurokage Troopers. When Gaim comes to his help, Mitsuzane transforms into Zangetsu Shin and fights Gaim while Baron equips Lemon Energy Arms to fight Sid. Kouta decides to get Mitsuzane's help to sneak in, including defending him when Kaito and Yoko attempt to have him realize that he is not on their side. I would argue that Kamen Rider Gaim is a good show in itself but not a good Kamen Rider show. After learning that Ryoma Sengoku has transplanted his brain into the android body of Hakaider, Gaim learns that Jiro is a battle android called.

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