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), Treble quantity: Andro >>> TG334 (much more extended treble), Treble quality: Andro > TG334 (extended treble has more detail), Soundstage: Andro > TG334 (wider presentation, very close though), Speed: Andro > TG334 (TG334 bit slow in comparison), Clarity: Andro = TG334 (both have little/no veil in sound), Detail retrieval: Andro > TG334 (owing to better treble), After-sales service: Andro > TG334 (FitEar seems like a difficult company to get a hold of, haven't dealt with either company though). 世界的ギタリスト“リー・リトナー”、活動60周年記念の初ギター・ソロ・アルバム発売&試聴トレーラーが公開, ニッポン放送の新番組『Qoo10 presents 宇垣美里のビューティフル アンサンブル』放送決定, 『ストライクウィッチーズROAD to BERLIN』、キャラ別アルバム3タイトルのジャケット&収録内容公開, 新進気鋭フォーク・シンガー“岩坂遼”、初の有観客ワンマン・ライヴ開催 桑原あいがゲスト出演, THE RAMPAGE、「MY PRAYER」MV公開 初の“踊らない”MVが完成, FEMM×Duke of Harajuku、「Summer Dream feat. big soundstage. JavaScript is disabled. Perhaps the TG334 is the solution? 334」「FitEar TO GO! By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. PFE232 no doubt has somewhat recessed mids which I tried to resurrect using different filters or some kind of digi eq's but with no big results. Now I'm truly enjoying the sound of a very neutral and transparent TG334...which will be the case, if only FitEar realise that the stock tips are not doing their amazing TG334 justice. All rights reserved. 334」などと同じく、カスタムIEMの音を手軽に持ち歩ける製品として誕生した。 どちらも付属ケーブルは、3.5mmステレオミニプラグの「FitEar cable 013」。黒色のペリカンケースやケーブルクリップ、メッシュポーチ、イヤーチップなどが付属する。 FitEar TO GO! >>> : definitively better (to me at least), Cable: Andro > TG334 (Andro's litz cable very soft and pliable, TG334 cable too springy), Included tips: Andro >>> TG334 (TG334 silicone tips are honestly awful for the price), Other accessories: Andro > TG334 (TG334 has pelican case, but Andro has a nice leather case and a pin! 223」と「FitEar TO GO! My favourite tips with these were the Ortofons, followed closely by the Spiral Dots. The shells are extremely big, but they sit comfortably outside the ear. It's of course bright but I think the both hi and low extensions brings some vibrant vibe to the sound picture. All rights reserved. Thanks! FitEar is a Japanese IEM company, whose products have gotten a lot of praise on head-fi for their sound and build quality.

They just disappear in the ear with these. Probably better than the HD 600/650s, but I haven't heard those in a while and the sound from them, while good, were a tad forgettable from my sources. Forgot to add that I've been using it with Comply tips which differ from the silicone tips very much. 334」「FitEar TO GO! The cable provided is of above-average quality bordering on excellent.

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